Having served the Bay Area for over 20 years, Pediatric Therapy Services began with the concept that an integrated team approach to speech, occupational, and physical therapy combined the knowledge, talent, skills, and creative energy of each discipline to forge a dynamic partnership that extended to children, their families, and the community.

In 1985, this concept became the Children’s Program at Los Gatos Rehabilitation Center. After four years, the adult program expanded and the children’s program continued as Pediatric Therapy Services.  The children, their families, and the therapists from the program continued to thrive as part of a unique integrated team.

The journey from it’s original location on Pollard Road to our current location on Samaritan Drive has been filled with opportunities to learn more about how a closely integrated team can enrich the lives of all of the participants and often the observers. 

Come to a place where work is fun!

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